Week of March 23-27 NEWS

Week of March 23-27- Spring Break

Week of March 30-April 3- Closed- No eLearning

Our eLearning weeks will be April 6-10 and April 20-24. 

School is closed the other weeks until May 1.

Riverside is planning to roll out eLearning packets for our preK-2 students for the eLearning weeks.  Grades 3-5 will be on their chromebooks with lessons rolled out as we did last week. More information will be emailed after Spring Break in our weekly parent email.  

More information on specific plans for GCCS can be found by visiting the Greater Clark website at:  www.gcs.k12.in.us.

Free meals for students this week:  Food service for students will be available Monday-Friday via a drive-thru pick-up service at Parkwood Elementary School, The Mark Fetter Center in Jeffersonville, and Bob Hedge Park in Jeffersonville from 10:00a.m.-1:00p.m.

Census information:  All households are receiving Census letters from the U.S. Census Bureau with an ID number to respond online by April 1.  Please be sure to log on and complete the information for your household. The Census results are extremely important to the future funding of education.  

Our thoughts are with our families as you navigate through these unprecedented times.  Please stay well. Enjoy and appreciate your children. We are so grateful for each and every one of them.

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