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Drive By ‘Meet and Greet’

We are not able to host our normal orientations this year.  Instead, we would like to offer our families the opportunity to meet your new teacher through a ‘drive-by’ time (much as we did when we sent home student materials in May.)  

July 24- 4:00-6:00- Kindergarten and Grade 1 

July 27- 4:00-6:00- Grades 2, 3, 4, 5 

Meet and Greet Directions: 

Please pull into the designated parking lot  and drive along the perimeter. You will not need to get out of your car.  Please stay in the car line and a staff member will come to your car, then ask you your student’s name and grade.

July 24 from 4-6PM

Kindergarten- Gym/Playground parking lot

Pre-K and 1st- Main/Front Parking lot 

July 27 from 4-6PM

2nd and 3rd- Gym/Playground Parking lot

4th and 5th- Main/Front Parking lot

For mySchool online, students in K-2 will receive their chromebooks and school materials.  Parents will be asked to sign off on receiving materials and books.  It is very important that your child’s materials are secured in a designated safe place (put up) so they will have them once instruction begins.  Your child’s mySchool teacher will be sending out more information particular to their classroom and instruction next week.

During the drive-by, parents can drop off any ‘community supplies’ from the supply lists, such as wipes or ziploc bags or hand sanitizer. Please label those items with the teacher name.   Please do not plan to drop off any personal supply items. Students will need to bring personal items (anything that they themselves would handle on a daily basis and no one else would) in their backpacks on the first day of school. The school supply list is located on the GCCS website.  

We will also be verifying transportation and class venue placement (online or traditional). ALL students should plan to come to our drive-by meet and greet.

Yearbooks:  We plan to distribute 19-20 yearbooks that were purchased in the spring during our drive-by events.  We do have a few more to sell.  The cost is $16.

Upcoming dates:  

July 29- First day of school

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