Week of July 27-31 NEWS

Week of July 27-31

Drive By ‘Meet and Greet’ 

MONDAY, JULY 27 from 4-6 Grades 2-5

Our meet and greet went really well on Friday with our Kindergarten and 1st grade parents.  At times, one teacher may have had many cars to see and there was a short wait. We are going to attempt twice the volume on Monday evening for grades 2-5 parents so please be patient with us!

Meet and Greet Directions: Please pull into the designated parking lot  and drive along the perimeter. You will not need to get out of your car.  Please stay in the car line and a staff member will come to your car, then ask you your student’s name and grade.  There will be a sign at the edge of each lot and a staff member to direct you.

July 27 from 4-6PM

2nd and 3rd- Gym/Playground Parking lot

4th and 5th– Main/Front Parking lot

For mySchool online, students in K-2 will receive their chromebooks and school materials.  Parents will be asked to sign off on receiving materials and books.  It is very important that your child’s materials are secured in a designated safe place (put up) so they will have them once instruction begins.

Parents can drop off any ‘community supplies’ from the supply lists, such as wipes or ziploc bags or hand sanitizer. Please label those items with the teacher name.   Please do not plan to drop off any personal supply items. Students will need to bring personal items (anything that they themselves would handle on a daily basis and no one else would) in their backpacks on the first day of school. The school supply list is located on the GCCS website.

We will also be verifying transportation and class venue placement (online or traditional). ALL students should plan to come to our drive-by meet and greet.

19-20 Yearbooks:  We plan to distribute yearbooks that were purchased in the spring during our drive-by events.  We do have a few more to sell.  The cost is $16.

Water stations:  This year, we will not have access to our normal water fountains.  GCCS has installed a water dispenser instead.  This is to be used with cups that GCCS will supply.   It would be helpful for parents to send a clear water bottle with your child each day filled with plain water. Please mark your child’s name on it.

Planners:  Each child will receive an orange communication folder.  mySchool students received theirs in their box of books (PLEASE hold on to it for when you return!), traditional students will receive theirs on the first day of school.  This orange folder will be going back and forth to school with communication papers each day.  If you have a change of transportation, please write a note with the DATE and your child’s name and the change in transportation and for how long and place it in your child’s folder.  We have previously used the student planner for these notes, however we will not be having planners this year. Student transportation will not be changed without a note.  The notes are preferable to phone calls at the last minute.  No transportation changes after 2:30.

mySchool Online Parents: 

-mySchool Online students/parents should submit technology issues by emailing helpdesk@gccschools.com.

-If Internet access is not available in the home, parents should contact Technology Services at 812-288-4802 to determine if they qualify for the 1million Sprint/ hotspot partnership.

-You should have received an email from GCCS explaining how mySchool works on Friday.   If you did not, please call our office to let us know.  The 35 minute video in the email will be very helpful in navigating this new way of learning.

-mySchool online students will be hearing from their teachers before the first day of school.


Masks:  Due to the orders for the State of Indiana, students in grades 3-5 are now REQUIRED to wear masks.  We are also highly recommending students in the primary grades to wear them as well.  When social distancing is not possible, these are a must for keeping your student safe.  Here is some information from the Indiana Department of Education on getting your student ready to wear a mask: https://www.doe.in.gov/sites/default/files/news/face-coverings-family-guidance-updated.pdf?utm_content=&utm_medium=email&utm_name=&utm_source=govdelivery&utm_term=

Upcoming dates:

July 29- First day of school

Aug 3-7:  all students invited to help teach our Kindergarteners their colors by wearing them:

Mon- Red, Tues- Blue, Wed- Green, Thurs- yellow, Fri- Orange

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