Week of July 27-31 Tuesday NEWS

Week of July 27-31 (Tuesday)

Thank you for attending our Meet and Greet sessions.  We persevered through the downpour on Monday.  Thank you for your patience.  

First day of school reminders for TOMORROW!

Car riders enter from the front parking lot only.  Beginning at 8:40, students should be let out of the cars along the perimeter directly in front of the school in the drop off zone (indicated by signs and cones). PLEASE DO NOT LET STUDENTS OUT OF CARS PRIOR TO 8:40. We ask that you please stay in the car rider line.  There is no parking allowed for the safety of everyone, unless you have an appointment in the building. Wearing masks in transition periods helps limit exposure to others. We will have staff members posted on the front porch and in the lot to help direct traffic and ensure that all car riders go straight into the building.  The interior of the building is clearly marked and the staff will be awaiting students’ arrival to help get each student to the correct room.  

Bus riders will get off the bus at the gym entrance where they will immediately enter the building through the gym.  Staff will be stationed at the doors to greet them. 

Kindergarten students- just a reminder that your student should  be wearing the lanyard you were given at the meet and greet.  If you do not have the lanyard, no worries.  We will be waiting to greet your child and get each safely to class.    


Just a reminder that we are not able to have visitors in the building without a prior appointment.  There is a CoVid screening process for all visitors with an appointment.  We will have staff on the front porch for any parent that needs assistance. 


Remember masks/face coverings are required of all students who ride the GCCS bus transportation.  ALL BUS RIDERS MUST GO THROUGH THE REGISTRATION for bus transportation.  You may NOT ride the bus without this registration.  It is a separate process from enrolling your student for school.  See below what was published in the GCCS parent emails.

If you have not received bus transportation information for this year, please complete this form and someone will be in contact with you: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf9rYRnsYwA0yJ4-0MI0laKma2z41c92qcA1fabnM7nUdnZYw/viewform

Once you have transportation set up, you will be able to track your child’s transportation through the Ride 360 app. Set up an account here: https://idsrv.traversaride360.com/core/login?signin=c939b99069bad9304b394865828a83c0

Dismissal Reminders

Car rider dismissal begins at 3:25.   Please wait in the car rider line. You cannot pull into the lot to park.   Waiting in line helps to make the process more efficient and safe for all. Please always follow the directions of our staff. We ask that students wear their masks during car rider dismissal to limit exposure to others when social distancing is not possible.  

We are looking forward to our first day!

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